Monday, April 29, 2013

My Skincare Regimen


My skincare regimen is pretty simple.

1. I've been using the classic Clinique 3-step face products since I was about 12. Thanks Mom! It works for me and it's inexpensive. It consists of liquid face wash, clarifying lotion, and moisturizing lotion. Why change it? I've tried other stuff... but I've always circled back!

2 & 3. Eye cream.... The Gin-Zing by Origins is a new addition to my routine but I really like it. I also use the Garnier roller ball and it's very inexpensive. I use the Gin-Zing first thing in the morning after I do the 3-step. It has caffeine in it and gets the blood flowing. I will then use the roller ball when I put on my make-up or later in the day if I'm going out. It just gives a little boost.

4. Scrub- Origins Modern Friction. Use it Monday, Wednesday, Friday after washing your face. It's gentle enough but does a nice job.

5. My FAVORITE! I finally got the Clarisonic Mia. Best investment ever. Your face will feel amazing and will thank you. Now there is a Mia and Mia 2. Mia is $119 and Mia 2 is $149. You do NOT need the Mia 2. Only difference is that the Mia 2 has 2 speeds. You don't need that. It's so easy to use. Put your face wash on the brush, turn it on and brush it all over your face (not your eyes) and after one minute, it turns off. Bam. Baby soft skin. Then replace the head every 6 months. I'm hooked.

What's your routine?

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  1. I'm going to get the roller and Mia! Sounds like a good idea for the barely aging :)